Department of Biochemistry & Bioprocess Technology

Head : Dr. Alok Milton. Lall
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Biochemistry is inherent to improved human welfare. The recent technological advances and growth of knowledge database in Biochemistry has markedly enriched our knowledge about the nature of life including the manifold advantages of new technologies applied to ancient techniques in developing useful products based on the diversity of natural biological activities. The Department with its expertise in the field of Animal and plant biochemistry, Enzymology, Immunology, Molecular biology, Bioprocess Technology etc. is steadfast in providing quality teaching and research. This commitment to excellence has its foundation on an innovative course structure backed up with well-equipped laboratories and experienced and motivated faculty. The Course lay emphasis on understanding of fundamental concepts also facilitating learning and application of biochemical techniques. The department also has runs an active Society of Biochemists which organizes various scientific activities including debates, guest lectures and poster sessions to further enhance the educational experience of the students. The Department is dedicated in ensuring that scientific temper is instilled in young and eager minds for a future in research and development.

Lab Facilities

The department has well equipped laboratories to cater the needs of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes in the Jacob School of Biotechnology & Bioengineering. There are two Undergraduate, one Postgraduate, one research laboratories. The instrumentation of the labs are well equipped to cater to the needs of young undergraduate students and also to conduct quality research in the field of Biochemistry & Bioprocess Technology.

Research Activities

The department carries out research in the field of Biochemistry & Bioprocess Technology which includes Isolation, Production and Purification of enzymes and macromolecules, Metabolism of algae/ fresh water diatoms for bio-diesel production, fresh water diatoms involved in chitin production and bioremediation, Studies on antioxidant properties of plants, Effects of environmental stress in plant metabolism, Screening and biochemical studies of medicinal plants used to control acute/ chronic diseases.


Teaching & Non Teaching Staff
No Name / Click for Details Designation Specilization
1 Dr. Kapil Lawrence Associate Professor Enzymology
2 Dr. Alok Milton. Lall Associate Professor Plant Biochemistry, Bioprocess Technology
3 Dr. Veeru Prakash Associate Professor Bioprocess Tech. ; Plant Biochem
4 Dr. (Mrs) Sushma Assistant Professor Protein Biochem (Enzymology)
5 Dr. (Mrs) Yashodhara Srivastava Verma Assistant Professor Protein Biochemistry
6 Dr. Shailendra Kumar Srivastava Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Biotech; Proteomics
7 Er. Abhishek Sharan Assistant Professor Bioprocess Technology
8 Er. Akhilesh Bind Assistant Professor Fermentation, Bio process Engg, Biotechnology, Bio chemical engg
9 Dr. Devendra Prasad Maurya Assistant Professor
10 Mr. Shavez Stanley Haque Teaching Assistant Biochemistry
11 Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Mishra Teaching Assistant Microbiology
12 Mr. Ram Sagar Paswan Lab Attendant
13 Mr. Hemant Kumar Das Lab Assistant
14 Mr. Dilshad Khan Lab Attendant
15 Mr. Sanjay Prakash Lab Attendant
16 Mr. Shivam Raj Janitor

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